That Girl

That girl from your dreams
I am an ordinary and simple girl, you will not take a look at me if you randomly see me on the street. I am not the girl whom you take a second look at. “You are far from being the special one”, you might say.
Knowing me will bring you harm. I am the most deadliest girl you’ll ever meet. I am sassy, crazy, jolly, and sad all at one. So you better be ready with my mixed personality. No, I am not sick, I don’t need psychiatrist.
This is just me when you already break the walls I created. This is just me when I already open up to you. You might get irritated (sorry), you might get happy and you might not talk to me at times when my craziness overtake.
I am a halfblood and demigod, too. Potterhead by heart and I’m Percy Jackson’s (Grover’s and Anabeth’s) new conquest. I am blogger-slash-writer-slash-frustrated singer and dancer (Lol!). I like sweets, fries, chicken, kimbap, samgyeopsal, japchae and anything Korean. Yeah! I’m a KPopper by heart, I like Kdramas and I like Korean groups (and their songs). I have many favorites among them, should I elaborate? Sure, I listen to Day6, BTS, Got7, Monsta X, SS501, DBSK, Bigbang, 2pm, Winner, 2NE1, Yeojachingu, Twice and many many more. I love books. I am hopeless romantic, I believe in sparksfly, unicorns, and rainbows in one, I believe in happy endings and ever after despite of all the problems that we might encounter in life.
Want to know more about me? Here.
Let’s be friends! ❤