Random Daydream

Love and Confusion

I was once sure of my feelings for you.

I remember the time when you first liked my photo and messaged me on how you liked me. The time you became suddenly concern about my health. I tell you, it made me smile all of a sudden. And most especially the songs you sang for me.

Those gestures made my heart open little by little. I felt the word love.

But then suddenly, our talks became seldom, your likes gone, and the songs you sang don’t made my heart jump anymore.

I don’t know what really happened but your presence does not linger anymore. The smile you put on my face faded and the song stayed on the fade out part.

Maybe life gets in our way, you with your own and me with mine.

I thought you’re the one I’m looking for with all that little things but maybe I was wrong.

I confused love with all those sweet things, which is wrong. I am wrong.


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