Dear Future Partner

Ang weird ko ba kung sasabihin kong gusto ko na magka-baby kahit hindi ako in a relationship? Feeling ko ang weird ko nga talaga, future partner. Hahaha. I just wanted to feel how my baby is developing inside me. I wanted to talk to him if he’s already inside my womb. I will sing songs and let him heard bedtime stories. I will teach him how to pray, kahit na nasa loob pa lang siya.

I know I won’t be a perfect mother but I want him to feel I love and cherished him and I will try my very best to be a good-no, be a better mother to him. Ugh. Thinking about it makes me giddy, what more if he’s here already?

Wala pa man din pero ganito na ko mag-isip. Haha! I feel so crazy, is this wrong? Nasaan ka na ba kasi, future partner? Kapag nagkakilala tayo, mag-aya ka na agad ng kasal. Loljk. But seriously, I can’wait the time to finally meet you.

See you soonest, future partner. Let’s build a Family full of love, trust, respect and honesty.




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