Fact1: Friendship divided by Love

Here it is. I wrote the plot of this story on the latter part of 2011 when I felt something different with my best friend. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what’s the feeling but I know I really felt something.

That’s why I came up with the plot. What would happen if the two of us became together. What would happen if our bestfriendship leveled up to something romantic?

It’s a really cliche plot but I still did write it. I already finished it actually, but I deleted my softcopy (that’s my biggest mistake) that’s why I don’t have the original plot anymore. The two characters involved were Adelaide and Carlo. It was originally categorized on Teen Fiction genre but “deeper” romance got involved on the latter part. It was my first time writing that kind of “deep romance” (When I say deep romance, I hope you already got what I meant) that’s why I chose to private that part–there’s this private option in wattpad.

I still know parts of the story but I decided to switch to a different style. The cliche plot about bestfriends was still there, but this time, the guy was the one secretly liking the girl whom in a 4 year relationship.

The plot twist… (clue:LGBT)


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