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👽 Welcome back Kim Hyun Joong 👽

Kim Hyun Joong overwhelmed to the 1,500 fans who welcomed him

đź‘˝ I know it’s already days late but I still wanted to welcome you- with open arms and open heart. You made it in the military successfully because if not, you won’t comeback here smiling and still vibrant as ever.

You encountered different problems from the moment you entered the service last 2015 and I’m happy that truth prevailed from all those false rumors and accusations just before you come back from your service. I’m so happy I can’t contain it.

Seeing you smile gives assurance to my heart that you are good, that you are in better shape. I hope to see that smile throughout your career. Your smile bright as the sun is making my heart melt.

It just so sad I wasn’t there welcoming you after your almost 2 years duty. I did promised that to myself, but yeah, it still not our time to meet. But I know someday, we will.

I might cheer for other groups. I might listen and love their music. But it won’t change the fact that your voice is the one I first loved and adored, and I still love it up until now. You are my first love and it will not change.

You will have your first fanmeet after your military and I wanted to say sorry because I know I couldn’t come. I also want to thank you for being healthy and well.

Anticipating your comeback. Hope to hear your music soon. đź‘˝


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