Meringue (n.)– a light mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar used especially as a topping for pies or cakes.

I was buying a bread (pandesal) for our morning breakfast when suddenly my eyes caught a bunch of this in a disposable transparent plastic container. It really made my eyes round and I told myself, “I have to buy this!”, given the fact that it was my favorite, it so happens it’s the only one left.

Meringue is one of my favorite dessert. I have this sweet tooth and I can eat a whole bunch of it in just one eating. But I’m not that greedy that’s why I shared it with my mother. Lol.

Do you know? My favorite part of the meringue is its soft, mouth-melting inside. The way the egg whites and the sugar bind together and the way it melts inside my mouth is so satisfying.

Gosh, I’m craving again for this when in fact I just finished eating it.


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