Random Daydream


Acceptance. 1 letter word, 3 syllables. A word that is so hard to understand.

She, too, was a victim of this word and still a victim until now. She couldn’t accept the fact that she couldn’t please everybody from the way God had created her. She would like to ask, does being fat a bad thing? Does being born that way a bad thing? Because up until now, she couldn’t accept the fact that she was born that way, that that is how God wanted her to be. You know why? Because of the people around her, she chose to let them messed up her mind and soul. She chose to buried every word through her heart that’s why it hurts every freaking day! EVERY FREAKING DAY.

She sometimes ignore them but couldn’t ignore totally. Because she knows that no matter how hard she ignores everything, no matter how hard she filter their words and no matter how hard she try to shake the thoughts off, she couldn’t really ignore the fact that their words are true. She couldn’t ignore the words piercing through her. She hate it, she hate herself for letting them messed her up. She hated it.

They might see her smile while they torture her with their hurtful words but deep inside she’s crying. Her heart is crying because of the never-ending pain she felt since then.

Acceptance is the only thing she need to stop the hurtful feelings. Just like what they said, accept yourself fully and love yourself. Because by doing that, you can fully ignore their words and can proudly say to the world that, “I AM BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY I AM.”

(c) pictures not mine


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