Random Daydream

The Love She Deserves

She’s been single since forever. Forever is six years. 19 was her age when she first felt the thing called love and her major heart break. She fell in love with the sweetest, nicest person, or so she thought because their love story did not last. It ended for three, three months because the guy is the biggest jerk she had met.

They have a mutual friend and that friend was the one he chose over her. Coping with the heart break was not easy. She was 19 back then, what did she know with love? Or the right question is, what does she know about love? Because until now, she remained single and love suddenly became a mistery to her.

It’s her choice to be single. It’s the only choice she got since she’s too afraid to fall in love. It’s just so ironic that she’s afraid to fall and yet it’s so easy for her to fall in love with a little effort a guy gives. That’s why she had learned to put up some invisible walls and a signage that says, stop on to her heart. To remind herself that falling in love with the wrong person will give her another stitch to the heart, a stitch that’ll stay forever no matter what happens.

And the only person who can cure the scar is the right person, the person she’ll meet when God’s time comes.

This is a never-ending journey for God-given love.


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